Why Kardon Events

What is an Event Planner?

Fenuxe 50 Party by Kardon EventsDinner for two, just having some friends over or scheduling a Corporate event…  Whatever the occasion, events are more enjoyed in the trusted hands of a capable planner; a person whose profession is the planning of social and business events, parties and fundraisers.  Turn over the reigns, and enjoy visiting with your guests.

We work closely with a variety of our award winning caterers and vendors.  We offer an incredible range of menu items to choose from to make your event a success, or will shop at your favorite market.  We’ll even help you prepare Aunt Beth’s famous dish.

Things you’ll do without a capable planner:

  • Want to have an event?  Well, to start you must: create a theme, verify addresses, send invitations, obtain estimates, compare menu items, stay up late checking online for ideas, verify invitation replies, run around town comparing, shop for and order decorations, compare and order linens, plates, napkins, silverware and glassware, send invitation reminders, estimate food quantities, estimate drink estimates, determine liquor/soft drink/water ratio, place orders with vendors, confirm orders with vendors, verify quantities with vendors, change quantities with vendors (in time, by the way), verify delivery date and times, pick up ice, pick up dessert, run around town shopping for… everything, load car, unload car, call Mom, avoid breakdown.

  • Day of: you need to decorate your space, create the mood, receive deliveries, ice the drinks, prepare the food, set the table(s), shower, iron your clothes, get dressed, open the wine, answer the door, entertain your guests, pick up empty glasses, pick up plates, get the door, empty trash receptacles, empty recycle bins, clean up spills, top off ice, warm more food, get the door, adjust the music volume, introduce guests, take pictures, rinse dishes, refill food trays, set out desserts, sit, stand, spin…


Things you’ll ‘enjoy’ when you hire Kardon Events:

Your event, your friends, your guests and… yourself!

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